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Participant Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What do I do if I locked myself out of my online account?
A. Please contact your plan administrator at your company and notify them of your locked account to get it unlocked.
Q. How do I change my deferral amount?
A. Login to your account by clicking “Account Login” above and go to Manage Account – Deferral Rate/Amount to update your deferral amount. Please verify the change with your employer.
Q. What investments are available in my plan?
A.  A complete listing of available investments can be found by logging into your account. You can also consult with the plans financial advisor for more information about investing in those available funds.
Q. I am no longer employed. Can I take distribution from the plan?
A.  Most plans allow distributions once employment is terminated. Please refer to the plan’s SPD (Summary Plan Description) or contact your employer for more information about taking a distribution.
Q.  How do I take a Participant Loan, In-Service Distribution or Total Distribution?
A.  Please first refer to the Summery Plan Description for your eligibility of taking money out of your retirement account. If you have additional questions please contact your employer but you can also contact the participant phone line at (888) 530-0025. After determining your eligibility for taking assets from the plan, you can find the appropriate forms in your Account Login.
Q. I am still employed. Can I take a distribution from my employer’s plan?
A. This depends upon the plan’s specific requirements.  Some plans allow “in-service” distributions.  Commonly, these are at age 59 1/2 or because of financial hardship as defined by the IRS. Please refer to the SPD (Summary Plan Description) for more information on the plans specific requirements.
Q. Do I qualify for a hardship distribution?
A. The IRS definition of a hardship is to 1) prevent eviction/foreclosure, 2) purchase primary residence, 3) pay outstanding medical bills for you or your dependent, 4) pay outstanding post-secondary education expenses for you or your dependent, 5) pay funeral expenses, 6) pay expenses due to catastrophic loss of a home.
Q. Does my plan allow loans and, if so, do I qualify?
A.  Some plans allow loans.  Your plan’s SPD (Summary Plan Description) will tell you if loans are allowed.  Plans that allow loans generally require a vested balance of $2,000 to qualify for the minimum loan amount of $1,000.  The maximum you may borrow is 50% of your vested account balance with a maximum of $50,000.
Q. If I already have a loan, may I take another one?
A.  Your plan’s SPD (Summary Plan Description) will tell you how many loans are allowed.  Generally, only one loan can be outstanding at a time.
Q. How do I payoff my loan?
A. Your online account access will show you your current outstanding loan amount.  You must coordinate with your employer to remit payment to pay off your loan.
Q. Can you tell me what my loan payments will be?
A.  Your online account allows an option for Modeling a loan.  You can look at the loan amount based on the amount you want to borrow and the term of the loan.
Q. How long does it take to get my money?
A. Generally, it takes around 2 weeks for the entire process.  However incomplete forms or other information needed from you or your employer may slow down the process.
Q. Am I eligible to rollover money from my old plan or IRA into my current employer’s plan?
A. Your plan’s SPD (Summary Plan Description) will tell you whether rollovers are allowed into the plan.  Generally, rollovers are allowed.
Q. How do I rollover money into my current employer’s plan?
A.  You must start the process with the provider that currently holds your money.  They will have forms necessary to complete a rollover of  your funds.  Please also complete the Rollover Contribution form found in your Account Login. Please call our participant line at (888) 530-0025 for additional information on how to make the rollover check payable, the information to include on the check and where to send the check/wire.
Q. What do I do if my credentials are not working?
A. Please click “Forgot Password” in the login screen. If you need your username reset please call (888) 530-0025 to have your username setup.